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Romi Kapa Lele Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork

A weaving.
A weaving that allows you to come together in a new way.
A weaving for self transformation.
Your body is touched, massaged, smoothed and stretched in a full flowing motion, under and over, with depth and energy, warm oil, music and breath. The energy and vibrancy of the bodywork allows tension and pain to be released. As we move together as one, new patterns of wholeness and connection emerge.

Romi Kapa Lele Hawaiian Bodywork $150

Extended sessions of up to 3 hours, sessions for couples and individual sessions with two practitioners are offerered.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones gathered from a special place on the east coast of Hauraki, where a river meets the sea, are placed on your body. Smoothed by the washing of waves over sand, the stones bring the qualities of earth, stability and grounding, and the cleansing energy of the water to your body. Your muscles are soothed and your body centred and calm.
Hawaiian Bodywork may complete this experience.

Hot stone massage $100

Hot stone massage and Hawaiian Bodywork $200

Hawaiian Backwalking

The essence of Romi Kapa Lele is at the core of this treatment. You lay flat; knees and hands apply pressure to your back, working deep into your muscles. Limbs are stretched. The strength of this work quickly releases tension in muscles, unlocking old patterns of contraction, leaving you fully rejuvenated.
Hawaiian backwalking is an effective start to a session of Hawaiian Bodywork or as your first introduction to Romi Kapa Lele Hawaiian Bodywork.

Hawaiian Backwalking $60

Hawaiian Backwalking and Hawaiian Bodywork $200

Treatments to Release Pain

ConTact C.A.R.E. is a revolutionary treatment for acute and chronic pain. It addresses impact injury and joint imbalances which are preventing normal movement. It is non-intrusive and gentle as positional release techniques and light compression are applied to your body to correct physical imbalances and restore normal body function. This treatment is effective in correcting impact injuries, back and neck pain, breathing disorders, migraine, sciatica, RSI, carpal tunnel.
A session of ConTact C.A.R.E. may be followed by Hawaiian Bodywork. This works your muscles and completes the realignment of your body.
Wear loose clothing for your comfort.

ConTact C.A.R.E $80

ConTact C.A.R.E. and Hawaiian Bodywork $200

Appointments: Paku Centre for Hawaiian Bodywork

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