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I offer individual or group sessions in Hawaiian teachings of Ka’alele au, Lua and Ho’oponopono.

Ka’a lele au
Ka’alele au or “flying” is a moving meditation which combines elements of the dance “Hula” and the Hawaiian martial art “Lua”. Ka’alele au is a movement that unblocks the pathways in the brain and body re-establishing connection between the past, present and future, or body, mind and spirit. Practicing Ka’alele au allows us to navigate through our life situations with grace and presence. Ka’alele au is at the foundation of Romi Kapa Lele. It is a vehicle for your own transformation.


Lua is the Hawaiian Martial art for Self defense. It encompasses the qualities of all martial arts; timing, balance, flexibility, presence. Its practice helps you to attain and integrate these qualities and bring them into your daily life, so you may move with ease and power. You become more centered in your Self.

Ho’oponopono is a powerful process used in Hawaii, and now all over the world, to transmute resistance, pain and trauma on all levels. It is the intentional marshaling of the will to cleanse negative influence and habits from our daily life. Applicable at any time you find yourself “reacting” to a situation, from personal grievances, to doing chores unwillingly, or to more traumatic events, it is a very simple and effective teaching to create positive change in your life.

To discover more about Romi Kapa Lele and related arts you are welcome to contact Keryn at Paku Centre for Hawaiian Bodywork. 078648397 021 0457141