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Aloha...aroha...love... to be with you, to share breath.

Your time with me is unique, an unfolding of your Self, an opening for you to find your joy and passion for living.
Romi Kapa Lele, “movement to set to flight.” To free body, mind and spirit. To become present.
In my sessions I embrace the quality which is at the core of Romi Kapa Lele Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork. Presence... to be with you, aware in the current moment, creating a transformation within you that releases blockages and invokes your essence.



Wow... yes, the changes are subtle but oh so good. There are areas in my life that have changed for the greatest. I’m full of energy, although I wasn’t lacking before, I have even more! And I’m so happy. I feel very positive, creative, grateful, and I feel great. L.Elton Whangamata


My back was totally seized up from gardening, and the dream of my world trip in a few weeks was rapidly fading. I visited Keryn in her beautiful studio, set in bush with amazing sea and mountain views. Keryn treated me with ConTact C.A.R.E. followed by Hawaiian Bodywork. There was no cracking of bones or painful pushing on acupressure points. The gentle massage, the sounds of Hawaii, the pleasantness of the whole experience left me feeling relaxed. Nothing prepared me for what happened next. The burning pain continued over night, by morning I wanted to keep sleeping, but by the next day I awoke totally pain free. I was totally better. It was amazing! L. Woods, District Nurse, Tairua


My session with Keryn was the most profound healing experience that I have ever had. She is so warm, caring and comfortable to be with, that I was able to open to the experience in a very deep way. Through breath, movement and sound I opened to the universe, felt my emotional binds, stored as pain in my body, fall away. Ecstatic joy filled me, and I was completely free for the first conscious time in my life. Truly amazing! Keryn is a very special person with an amazing gift, and possibly most importantly, a sensitivity that lets her guide people through the healing that is right for them. To anyone, I recommend Keryn’s work and urge you to embrace it whole-heartedly. M. Merryman, Hawaii